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While summer is in full swing, dining al fresco in Petaluma is the be all and end all for couples, families and single people looking for a little break. Whether you want to enjoy a picnic on the beach with a glass of wine, a hot dog or a beer, you will find it delicious in the style of Sonoma wine country. There are many outdoor restaurants with spacious courtyards, perfect for those who need a cocktail, beer or refreshments. Italian cuisine, the authentic Italian cuisine with homemade soft polenta with scattered mushrooms and Italian cheese.

Don't forget the warm and crispy tortilla chips you get for free and decorate them with salad, salad dressing or a hot dog as you like. Start with the fried Brussels sprouts with home and sliced roast, garnished with roasted peppers, red onions, cheddar cheese and red wine vinegar and pickled jalapenos from Reye. Then choose from salads and burgers, including the lamb burger, and don't forget the warm, crispy and complimentary tortilla chips.

If you fancy something sweet and challenging, order the pizza - big pancakes topped with whipped butter. Regular portions cost $17, but there are also half-sized ones - sizes that fill you with a side salad that includes a slice of cheese, a cup of hot sauce, and two slices of bacon.

The gator also offers smoked chicken, shrimp and grits in a spicy herbal beer sauce and a house specialty topped off with Malaysian sa cha sauce.

I # ve tried the stuff, but I also tried their fried wok rice, which includes fried chicken, shrimp, pork belly, chicken breast and a variety of vegetables.

The soup is traditionally served with side dishes - on toppings, including sliced jalapeños, but I found it too oily for my taste. The dim sum items were delicious and well prepared, although the pork belly and chicken breast with a little salt and pepper were a bit too salty for me. Mu Shu Pork was well done, with nicely sliced vegetables and a good amount of meat. Of course, this list is only a small part of creating your own Petaluma adventures, culinary or otherwise.

Five fun things to do in Petaluma, and for more ideas read "An Evening in Historic Downtown Petauma." Forget Petalsuma and spend a day hiking, cycling or even spending the night with friends in the city.

The Water Street Bistro is a favourite of the region and offers French-inspired cuisine with an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients and a friendly atmosphere. The bakery and café offer delicious, healthy food prepared and presented for breakfast and lunch in a beautiful building dating back to 1860. The tea room is known for pancakes, omelets, scrambled eggs and more, including daily lunch and Sunday brunch. It features an on-site bakery offering a wide selection of breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch options, as well as a full-service bar. They have a beautiful, inviting courtyard overlooking Petaluma Town Hall and the historic buildings of the city.

Everything here is prepared in-house, including bread fresh from the wood-burning oven in the morning, and a wide range of fresh, local ingredients.

Sonoma County families can get free menus, help apply for CalFresh benefits, and seniors can even sign up for Meals on Wheels. The pantry offers a wide selection of pastries, preserves and fresh fruit and vegetables. Quality products are also sold in the asparagus stores, but some are not available at Petaluma Cal California Food Pantry due to the high cost of food.

On Sundays, visit Kona Ice, which recently served Sonoma County with tasty Hawaiian shaving ice. Located right on the Petaluma River, Taps serves a variety of delicious desserts including ice cream, hot dogs, burgers and more.

The menu changes seasonally, and can include anything from cauliflower and chickpea curry to curry, and the menu can also be redesigned based on coconut-based options - which are said to taste like Petaluma strawberries with candied bacon and chocolate ganache. Also available are roast duck breast with braised radishes and roasted baby carrots, house gnocchi smothered in braised wild boar ragu topped with shaved Parmigiano, as well as gluten-free pasta and a variety of pasta dishes.

The seasonal menu has something for everyone at any time of day, and everything is gluten-free, including delicious desserts. The program is the Petaluma Kitchen Food Box, which delivers free food twice a week in Petalsuma, California. This is a great alternative to the traditional grocery box in the grocery store as it is a full-fledged food delivery service.

Everest presents the Nepalese background of the owners, because both Nepalese and Tibetans find it difficult to find a restaurant with such a varied menu in Petaluma. The meat selection ranges from grilled chicken steaks to roasted pork bellies and everything in between, from burgers to pork chops.

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