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As July begins, two Sonoma Valley museums that will soon reopen to the public are coming back to life. The Smithsonian's affiliated Museum of Fine Arts opened on July 9, but will reopen to the public on July 8, according to its director, Michael Schulz. He announced that the doors will reopen on July 8 at the Museum of Fine Arts, San Francisco, and the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

The gate, framed by a mural by Lou Harrison on the old Bay Bridge, the main entrance to the museum, will celebrate the center's roots in the Bay Area, where he has spent a lifetime of artistic, activist, and environmental activism. Soltes suggests that Lourisons old "Bay Bridge" is a contemporary: "Harrison was backstage in San Francisco and composed avant-garde art and music with John Cage. He has also performed in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans, London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and elsewhere.

In 1851, hunters set up camp in what is now Petaluma, and game was soon the main export to the area. With the rush of gold miners in California, the Petalsuma River became an important source of water to feed the growing population of San Francisco, San Jose, and other Bay Area cities. One of the oldest cities in California, it was built from gold deposits and later became the center of manufactured goods that were shipped south to the bustling river city. In the surrounding town, dairy farms and hay meadows offer much - prized open space rising from the hills on either side of a valley.

One of the city's main attractions is the Petaluma Museum of Natural History, the largest museum in the state of California, which features an extensive collection of photos and artifacts from the city's past, present and future, as well as exhibits on the region's history.

The museum has hired independent program consultant Leslie Pritchett, with extensive public art experience, to help manage the Bay Bridge Steel Program. The students learn to take care of the animals living there, take courses in wildlife management, lead elementary school tours and volunteer in the museum.

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Previously, Petaluma was the site of the Old Adobe, built in the 1830s, and home to a number of other historic buildings. There is a National Highland Habitats Survey (NSUH), which is characterized by the National Landscape Survey (NLS) of the National Park Service and should be completed. This document, whose original task was to prepare a comprehensive document of measures for the conservation and management of land and water resources in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The library and museum have a glass dome, one of the only freestanding domes in the state, which offers exhibitions on early life in Petaluma. Visitors are invited to participate in our museum by learning about the natural, artistic and social forces that influence our state and by studying their own contribution to the history of our city and its people. Perhaps visitors to our sculptures will think about tools that help us to cross our natural landscape.

To address the issues of our time, the museum is planning an upcoming online exhibition entitled "Spanish Flu, highlighted by the 1918 pandemic. If so, museums in the Northern Bay will have to reinvent themselves to remain relevant in a turbulent world full of political, social, economic, cultural and environmental challenges and challenges of the present. And if someone cannot just sit there and watch a museum go on, we can try to get them to do something.

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Museums want people to use them as an important resource and a place of comfort in order to gain perspectives. Those who take the time to explore Petaluma will be pleasantly surprised and discover its treasures, which can be unearthed not only in a day or two.

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More About Petaluma

More About Petaluma