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The cast and audience of the day reflected the musical and cultural heritage of the 1960s and 1970s. On stage, the stage was dominated by the music and culture of the 70s and 80s in Los Angeles, California.

The Petaluma Stage offered several bands that were not that big the opportunity to get started live and to enthuse the crowd. As the catchy, bright melodies of their first album play on, the band's sound has evolved over the years into indie folk tunes.

It's an amazing formula and everyone could groove as much as the music can produce only one listener of the material. The Mystic, the band played a few songs from their new album, "The Mystic," and I definitely plan to give it fewer spins. I started to see it as an act that I might kill at some point, but they pulled it off last night.

Cowles said many faculty live in the area because jazz is great on campus, especially at the University of California, Santa Cruz and the College of Arts and Sciences.

In addition, Petaluma is well located for tour bands who book performances in San Francisco and Oakland. You have a tour schedule, and that includes a ride over the city's famous Golden Gate Bridge. We cross the Sonoma County border and will see a lot of it, but we have to travel.

Listen to the song and follow the North Bay duo on Twitter for the music video for "Get it" followed by their follow-up album "Petaluma California" (available on iTunes).

In the early days of the Lagunitas Stage they played a series of shows in San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Cruz and San Jose.

James Nash was in the band and they were headlining in both places and they were swirling folk dust - whining on the grass. Press Democrats and Q proved that firecrackers only get better with time with a second album, HERES, which further amplifies the tight, professional musicality of the pulsators. Loiacono, this five-piece piece offers an eclectic mix of folk, blues, country, rock and hip-hop, all delivered with clever lyrics underscored by catchy hooks, catchy melodies and a strong sense of humor. Overall, the Petaluma Music Festival offers music, camaraderie and entertainment that help keep music in school.

Visitors can play with the many models on display in the in-house showroom, and even feel the Aloha spirit of Hawaii in Sonoma County.

EVERYTHING, "said Robert Everett, owner of the Petaluma Music Store and a longtime Sonoma County resident. You can throw a stick to meet the best musicians in the world, not just in Hawaii, but across the United States and even in Europe, says John D'Amico, a jazz guitarist who plays in the city.

Art invited the Pulsators to open up to the Funky Meters in the Tipitinas in New Orleans, and later they played numerous shows, including a show with the Neville Brothers in San Francisco and a performance at San Jose State University. In 1985 he was recruited as lead band for the regionally popular blues band NiteCry, which regularly performed in Northern California. Since then, the band has played in the Bay Area and supported stars such as the Grateful Dead, the Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Keith Richards, Chris Rhodes and Mississippi Gov't Mule. He also played with various Bay Area blues bands that were heavily influenced by the Rolling Stones and American roots music.

Petaluma seems to boast a rich history of attracting talented musicians to music festivals and filling their stages. Take Royal Jelly, a band that has graced the stages of festivals such as the San Francisco Bay Area Music Festival and San Jose State University. Their live hip-hop shows lead to lively dancing, swaying and foot-tap, fueled by a mix of funk, soul, blues, country, hip-hop, jazz, rock and soul.

Kala donates more than 25,000 ukuleles to schools in Sonoma County and across the country, and provides educational and play programs. The store also offers a wide selection of instruments for aspiring musicians interested in guitar, bass, ukulele and more.

In recent years, the nonprofit Creative Sonoma has developed its own program to support local musicians. Lagunitas is operated by the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce and the San Francisco Bay Area Music Association and is a member.

Aqus Cafe offers music most evenings of the week, but there are plenty of opportunities for musicians who want to finish off after a show and listen to more good music. In the cozy café, which describes itself as "the perfect place for coffee, wine and music," musicians play after the performances and offer food and drinks.

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