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While summer is in full swing, dining al fresco in Petaluma is the be all and end all for couples, families and single people looking for a little break.

If you need a cocktail, beer or refreshments, Petaluma's expansive terrace has plenty of options that are ideal for those who want something different from the usual hot dogs, burgers and fries. You will find all this delicious, Sonoma Wine Country style, but be sure to be on the lookout for the perfect cocktail or beer and refreshments needed. Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine with homemade soft polenta, garnished with mushrooms and Italian cheese scattered everywhere. Start with the fried Brussels sprouts, a homemade roast with roasted peppers, red onions, onions, tomatoes, garlic, coriander, basil, oregano, thyme and red wine vinegar, then choose from salads and burgers, including the lamb burger.

You can try the tropical chicken tamales with Mahn Bun stuffed with beef stroganoff and mushrooms, or the spicy mango tamales with mango salsa, mango chutney, avocado, lime and lime juice.

The hot chocolate from Guittard's Chocolate is the thick, almost chewable stuff you get for breakfast in Spain. Try the Petaluma strawberries, candied bacon and chocolate ganache, or the coconut-based options. Of course, this list is only a starting point for creating your own Petalsuma adventures, culinary or otherwise.

Use these inspiring ideas to plan your next trip in advance, whether this year or next. For more ideas, see "An Evening in the Historic Downtown of Petaluma." Five fun things to do in Petalumas, "Five of the five things you need to do in Petalumas to have fun.

When visiting a restaurant, winery or other business during a pandemic, remember to make reservations, call ahead and wear a mask. Health and safety precautions are taken, but it is still a good idea to order in advance for collection.

Look out for trade secrets - ups that seem to be coming, as we're used to before the holidays. Mariposa Ice Creamery will be selling Christmas items on the street in the coming days. Bert's Desserts will also set up a Christmas voucher sale, just as we came to open the newspaper, once it arrives this morning, there are two days left until Christmas Day.

Located right on the Petaluma River, Taps serves a wide range of fresh, organic and organic ice cream, as well as a variety of desserts. On Sundays, visit Kona Ice, which recently served Sonoma County with tasty Hawaiian shaving ice.

The tea room is known for pancakes, omelets, scrambled eggs and more, including daily lunch and Sunday brunch. The on-site bakery offers a wide selection of fresh, organic and organic desserts, as well as a variety of pastries. The bakery and café offer delicious, healthy food prepared and presented for breakfast and lunch in a beautiful building dating back to 1860.

Everest showcases the owners "Nepalese background with hard-to-find Nepalese and Tibetans, and the bistro uses local ingredients such as fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. Everything is made in the house, including the bread that comes fresh from the wood-burning oven in the morning.

The Water Street Bistro, a popular eatery, serves French-inspired cuisine and the menu changes seasonally. The menu includes dishes such as curry cabbage and chickpeas, as well as a variety of pasta and salads. There is also a roast duck breast with braised radishes and roasted baby carrots, a house of gnocchi smothered in braised wild boar ragu topped with shaved Parmigiano or gluten-free pasta. Sax offers patrons Classic Americana-inspired dishes, including Elvis, pancakes, French toast and waffles topped with peanut butter and banana.

From the moment I tried Mariposa Spumoni, it became my new favourite flavour, but others pointed out that I hadn't managed it in the last couple of iterations. Greek food is a challenge here, and with the recent announcement by YiaYia that seems pretty clear. On the other hand, I am curious to see how they fit into every new taste I try.

In the Big Petaluma Mill, the Wild Goat Bistro offers a rotating menu and everything is gluten-free, including delicious desserts. The seasonal menu has something for everyone at any time of day, but typical dishes include grilled oysters, chicken and wagyu beef, salmon, lamb, pork chops and more. A great place to shop and enjoy a good wine, as well as a great place to eat in and out.

McNear's is a popular Petaluma restaurant located on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue, just a few blocks from the old McDonald's.

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